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Teacher Training Program Overview

The YAA offers a Hatha Yoga Teacher Equivalency Certification, which recognizes hatha yoga teacher training with equivalent standards. For details see the Equivalency Certification page.

The Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA) provides a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program (TTP), which is a long-term Senior Teacher mentorship / apprenticeship-based program which requires a minimum of two years of training, plus a prerequisite of two years of recent formal classes in hatha yoga. The YAA TTP may also be taken concurrently with or after workshop based programs taught by YAA Certified Senior Teachers, or equivalent, in order to ensure all YAA Certification requirements are being met.

The YAA-TTP is geared to mature students who will take responsibility to complete the hours required and who have the time and finances to do so. As a self-directed program, there is opportunity to customize training according to the student’s particular needs, schedule, and interests. Under the guidance of a Senior Teacher, the student plans what classes and workshops to take in order to fulfill the requirements of the program. Mandatory classes are taken in several areas of study, but the students choose from qualified teachers who schedule their own classes and workshops.

In addition, the YAA offers monthly Teacher Training Program Classes and Teaching Skills/Practice Teaching Workshops taught by local Senior Teachers. The Teacher Training Program Classes are held once a month in Edmonton and Red Deer, usually on Saturdays. See Appendix G-4 for a list of topics covered in the classes. The sequence of classes repeats every two years. Students may begin the program at any time during the year. The YAA provides a free listing of all events province-wide on the Events page of our website.

The fee for registration in the YAA TTP is $125.00, plus YAA Membership ($30/year), which must remain current. Other fees are paid to the organizer or teacher of each class and workshop. The approximate minimum cost is $3,000.00, the payment of which is spread over the time that the student is in the YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program.

YAA Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers meet professional upgrading standards and maintain regular attendance in both classes/workshops and teaching hours. YAA Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers must maintain up-to-date YAA membership and apply for recertification every three years in order to maintain certification status. With further training and experience, YAA Certified Teachers may also qualify for YAA Extended Training Certification (500-hours), as well as YAA Intermediate Teacher Status (600-hours+) and YAA Senior Teacher Status (800-hours). See the Recertification page for details.

Program Requirements

The hourly requirements (details Appendix G-3) for this Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 300-hour Program are:

• 100 hours of weekly Hatha Yoga classes with Senior Teacher

• 100 hours of Hatha Yoga Workshops including 3 International Teachers and 3 YAA-TTP Practice Teaching Retreats

• 10 hours of Anatomy and Physiology

• 20 hours of Psychology / Philosophy

• 10 hours of Breath Awareness

• 10 hours of Meditation

• 10 hours of Special Concerns & Therapeutic Applications

• 40 hours of Apprenticeship and Supervised Teaching.

• In addition, a student is required to complete 10 written assignments (Appendix G-6), CPR Certification, and an extra 10 hours of Karma Yoga.

By the end of the YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program (TTP), a student is required to have an understanding of Level One and Level Two Asana / Pranayama Required Practices (Appendix C) and is required to be able to teach them safely, in order to be eligible to apply for certification.

For full details please download the document YAA Teacher Training Syllabus & Certification Guidelines below.

Senior Teachers / Intermediate Teachers

The YAA recognizes the abilities of many fine teachers in the yoga community. It is required that TTP students seek the guidance and training from a YAA Certified Senior Teacher within 4 months of entering the program. A student may also access weekly training classes from a YAA Certified Intermediate Teacher, but this is optional. A list of the YAA Certified Senior Teachers with whom you may apprentice is found in Appendix F-4 & Appendix F-5 below. Their current contact information can be found on the Find A Teacher page of our website. Some have websites on our Links page.

Download an article from the Fall 2013 Yoga BridgeHow to Find a Good Teacher

Forms & Further Information

YAA Teacher Training Syllabus & Certification Guidelines – Full Document

Or by section:

YAA Teacher Training Syllabus & Certification Guidelines – no Appendices

Appendix A – Definition of Hatha Yoga
Appendix B – YAA Mission Statement and Code of Ethics
Appendix C – Asana / Pranayama Required Practices
Appendix D – Reading List
Appendix E – Effective Teaching Skills

Appendix F –YAA Teacher Training Program

1. YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Application Form
2. Senior Teacher Letter of Agreement
3. Intermediate Teacher Letter of Agreement
4. List of Senior Teachers
5. List of Intermediate Teachers

Appendix G – Checklist for Initial Certification – YAA-TTP Students

 Certification Checklist

1. YAA TTP Initial Certification Application
2. YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Summary Spreadsheet (pdf) or Excel Version Summary Sheet
3. YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Summary Spreadsheet Guidelines
4. YAA Monthly Teacher Training Class Topics List 
5. YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Assignments
6. Senior Teacher Letter of Recommendation
7. YAA Monthly Teacher Training Class Summary Sheets

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